Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Why don't they tell you before you have kids that you will want to bang your head against the wall at least once everyday for the rest of your life? Why don't the tell you that no matter how many times you repeat the rule, the child will continue to break this rule daily? Why doesn't someone warn you that although someone else telling a child to use his or her "inside voice" on TV, this in no way pertains to your household. If someone had told me 5 yrs ago, prior to the birth of my two boys, that I would never again be able to enjoy a meal without one or more of my wild beasts running amuck, I would have made my husband sleep in the spare bedroom. Perhaps if I knew then what I know now, I would have been the little old lady with all the cats, or dogs preferably.
I thought that the biggest joy I could possibly have would be to stay at home and be here for my children to see their lovely faces light up everyday after school. My dream was that they would be so overly joyed to have mommy home everyday and here to pick them up that they would be angels 24/7....NOT! It was a fantasy to think that my house would be spotless and dinner ready by 6 and the kids bathed and in bed at the same time every night. Don't think that's happened once this year and a half I've been home. I feel like all I do is yell, clean clothes, fold clothes....fix a quick meal whenever possible. Do homework and bathe kids, chase dogs and sweep and mop at least four times a day, ohhhh and don't forget vacuuming! LOL...Why..oh why...didn't I have a clue? Mom...I know you'd be having the time of your life watching me cope with mine :). But all my kids never cease to make me laugh even when I want or need to be mad...gotta love em.