Monday, November 10, 2008

Been a little while....

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone who's been reading my blog. Funny, I never thought anyone would be interested in knowing about my life or the things that I think about. It's a nice feeling though, and it is such a therapeutic feeling to get my thoughts and feelings out there, basically expose myself to the scrutiny of others. Not much going on recently, soccer season is over...WOOOHOOO!!! This weekend past was the tournament, our girls played three games in one day :(, lost every one....they went into it with a good attitude though. This is the first season all these girls have played together as a team, the majority of the girls were together on a prior team, and a couple were new to the sport or have played before, but with other teams. They tied two games this year, won one by default and lost the rest, but all in all, they played really well their first season. Sounds ironic, but it's true. We had one girl injured in the third or fourth game, actually stopped the game and she had to be rushed to the emergency room. It was heartbreaking to hear her screaming and crying in agony...and it really angered me to hear the girls laughing from the opposing team, especially the one who injured our player. I just don't understand what values some parents are teaching their kids now a days. Our girl will always have to wear a knee support and will always have a loose tendon and knee cap because of it, grrrrrr. The coach actually had the gonads to come over and apologise, he didn't mean any of what he said of course, but whatever. Made him feel better I'm sure.

On a lighter and much more exciting note, my friend is home from the hospital. Long story short, it's a miracle. Her son sent an email back in September, and she had been in since September first. She was in ICU, hooked up to all kinds of machines and her liver was failing and their were so many other problems. When I first spoke with him, they were basically going to decide the following Monday what to was really looking as if she were going to pass away any moment. Prayers help and this is one example. I went to see her that first day and she hardly even spoke...or when she did you couldn't understand her...she basically was in like a vegetative state. Her mom came in from Ohio and I tell you, it was scary....she looked older than her mom. Her mom had a stroke a few years back and she looked so healthy compared to my friend. Then the following weekend, she was alert and trying harder to talk and be understood, she even tried to get out of bed. She couldn't of course. The following week, they moved her from ICU into another room, not a regular one, but in between ICU and a normal room. Then a couple of weeks later she went into a nursing home.....Saturday I get a was her!!! She is home...God works in amazing and wonderful ways.

And on yet another note, just a little irony. I have been trying to get rid of my kids clothes and toys and a few other odds and in's on Craig's list and through yard sales. I have sold quite a few of my daughters clothes through Craig's list, and now I am in the process of selling her old changing table. I called the woman who intends to purchase it, and she began telling me how she home schooled her children. She said that she'd adopted two or three I can't remember which, from China and a couple through fostering. Now they are in the process of adopting a baby from one of the girls they had adopted through she was too young to parent. The point of my short story is this....I never realised how many bmoms, adoptees and adoptive parents there were out there until I started looking for and found my firstdaughter. Lately there is always something, either on the news, on a show I watch or a movie I see.... Even more so, I found out that my sons kinder teacher was adopted, as was the other kinder daughters second grade teacher was trying to adopt from China...there was an adoptive mom talking to the secretary one day in the office. Now, I am getting ready to sell one of my belongings to an adoptive mom. I don't know...just kinda crazy..thought I'd share :). Hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving and if I don't get back here before Christmas, have a safe and happy Christmas as well!!!
PS...I'm adding a pic of my firstdaughter and her mom and a pic of my two girls together for the first time...don't they look alike??!!! I will add pics of my grandson eventually...I'm still waiting for his mommy to post pics first..I made her a promise and I must abide. :(