Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What are Parents teaching kids these days???!!!

I am shocked and appalled everyday by the way kids behave, not only with other kids, but with adults. The lack of respect and the downright belligerent way they speak to other adults is really dis heartening. My daughter is in middle school now and she hates the kids that go there, well most of them, that is. She always tells me stories of how the whole class is punished because of the kids that are constantly causing disruptions in the class. This year she is in Theatre Arts and she tried to sell tickets for a show they were putting on, and many responses she got were..."I'm not gonna buy tickets from a white girl...". I mean...WTF????

Then we have the kids that are constantly walking past my house cursing and acting like a bunch of wild buffoons. They walk in front of and behind my house and I don't even want to let my kids out(the littlest especially), because of the things that come out of these kids mouths. I know that I was no angel when I was a teen mind you. But I knew that if I disrespected another adult, there would be "hell to pay". My mother would make me regret my actions and I can tell you in all honesty, the other kids on my street knew my mom meant business as well. Not one of them spoke to my mom without a "Yes Ma'am...No Ma'am" in the sentence somewhere. When my mom meant business, no one was immune to her wrath. She never hit any of my friends...LOL...but she just had that tone and that look that made you scared to death of what she might do.

Now I'm not going to say I'm in favor of beating kids, but I am not against a few swats on the behind when they need it. I got plenty when I was growing up and I'm not "damaged" because of it...if anything, I think it did me allot of good. I believe that kids need that now a days... more than ever!!! This "time out" and "disciplining with love and logic", just doesn't cut it with some kids. Yes, it might work for a few, but there are those that need a red bottom or if my mom had her way...a good slap upside their foul mouths every now and again.

My daughter plays soccer and it's still shocking to me when I hear what parents yell to the kids that are playing. Some examples are..."see we didn't even practice and we still beat you", or "get that girl with the brace, she's not that good anyway"...OR, better yet, "knock her down, shove her out of the way, TRIP HER!!!". These are the PARENTS saying these things!!!!! And the kids are not much better, last night they tied a team 0/0 and the girls are suppose to go to each side of the opposing team as well as slap hands(kinda like a high five) and congradulate each other. Half the girls refused and then the goalie for the other team had the audacity to tell our girls that they "sucked" anyway. GRRRRRRR......

I'm sorry, but it just thoroughly pisses me off, when I see parents that just don't give a shit how their kids behave...it's sad and scary to think that these will one day be grown ups passing this behavior on to other kids. Voting for our presidents and leaders in our communities. Scarier still, they are most likely the "road rage" that you will see on the news and they could even be teaching YOUR kids kids one day!!!

Just something to ponder.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You have got to be kidding me!!!!

This falls in the "be careful what you say and in front of whom you say it" rule I believe. It is an incident that happened last year when my son was in Kindergarden and it still lingers in my mind. Of course it does not help that I see this woman everyday, and that she lives within visual sight of my house.

One morning I was running late, as usual, and had to sign in at the office before I could take my son to his class. I dropped him off and proceeded to the office to sign out. While signing out of the system, I overheard a conversation between another student's mother and the head woman in the office. The Mother was expressing her feelings about her daughter's reaction to finding out she was adopted. Her daughter is in fifth grade this year and was apparently 10 when her parents shared this information with her.

Now do not mis interpret what I'm about to say here. I do understand from a mothers perspective, the emotion that this young girls mother could have been feeling. She explained in detail, how they had told her daughter about her firstparent's. Apparently, her daughter replied with a comment something like..."you mean I have more parents out there??". Now...I understand, that this is her mother, in every sense of the word. But it did sting a little to hear her respond to this question so vehemently. "NO" she said, "you only have one set of parent's". She told this story with what sounded to me like quite alot of resentment and anger at the fact that her daughter had even thought, much less said alound, that she had "other parent's" out there somewhere.

I don't blame her for her response, because in reality, she is correct. I suppose, it might have been tone in which she said it, or the look on her face when she was recalling it. She has every right to feel the way she feels and I'm sure that if I knew the whole story I might feel differently. However, it just hit a nerve, I wanted to say..."I am a firstmom, and I found my Firstdaughter and we have an amazing relationship". I wanted to shout, sometimes it does work out. Sometimes you can have a relationship with your birthchild and his/her parents.

Now every day when I go in there, I want to pull out the picture of my first and second daughter sitting side by side for the first time ever. Then follow that up with a picture of my grandson... :).... Oh what I would give to have a picture of ALL my children together. I haven't yet, but one day I will. I just want people to realise, that no matter what ....be careful what you say, because you never know who might be listening...or within earshot that is!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear Friend.....

Friends come and go in our lives
Many long forgotten as years keep passing by
Few remain within our hearts and in our minds
But a chosen few withstand the tests of time
There are those that come to mind now and again
Briefly touching our thoughts, unknowingly we grin
Some only thought of at special times
When life triggers a memory long forgotten in your mind
All hold a place in your heart
Some who hurt you deeply
Still bring tears to your eyes
Others who made you laugh
til you thought that you would die
Of all the ones I've met along the way
Some I gladly called a friend
A select few became more like sisters in the end
Because we shared a special bond
An unseen link that brought us together
Even though the miles might be many
Friendships can still stay strong
Sometimes these friends they slip away
As we meet new friends every single day
But they don't slip away from our heart
Because in our lives they played an intricate part
Dear Friend
Even though you may have come and gone
A place in my heart for you, lingers on
Written by Michelle Naylor
Oct. 7th 2008
Dedicated to all my sisters and friends that have changed my life and in part made me who I am today..my love and thanks to you

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whoops! It's been awhile.....

I was hoping to keep up with this thing, but as usual, time got away from me. Quite allot has happened since I last posted on here. I am now officially a "Grandma"?!? That word still sounds peculiar, because in no way do I feel like a grandma. Here I am almost forty with my youngest still potty training, and now he's an uncle...? That is almost too funny to say out loud. I am hoping to post some pictures of my grandson, but for now I must wait for his mommy to put some out there first. Not a problem, he is her little one and she should have the opportunity to show him off before anyone else :).

Never thought I'd say this, but if it weren't for Hurricane Ike, I would probably still be waiting to see my firstborn and my firstborn grand baby. They were without power for over a week, so my second daughter played hookie and she and I went on a short road trip. We spent the whole day, ooing and aaahing over the baby. My second daughter was just mesmerised by her nephew, although I don't think being an aunt has really sunk in. We had lunch and talked, went shopping at Wal Mart, that was sort of strange, but nice too. Never imagined myself shopping with my first daughter, her son and Mother and my second daughter....very indescribable. On the way back to the house, we picked up dinner and spent another two hours talking and taking pictures. I didn't want to leave, but life goes on and the kids go to school and chores to be tended to. It was a beautiful, amazing and wonderful day that will forever be etched in my memory. It will be added to the four days I spent with my first daughter in the hospital, and our first face to face reunion in 22 yrs. They however, do not to outweigh those memories that I have of my three youngest children's special moments.

One of those moments happened just this past Sunday, when my second daughter and I were baptised together in front of our church. She and I were both terrified, but doing it together was not only special, but we were a support system for each other. I had been thinking about it for some time, but when my daughter decided that she was ready too, I told her I would do it with her because she was so scared to do it alone. Words cannot begin to describe the roller coaster of emotions I was feeling that day. My family and my husbands family were there, my sisters boyfriend video taped it and took pictures as well...I cannot wait to watch it. I enjoy attending church and am more involved than I ever thought I would be. It brings me much joy to watch my children having fun and making new friends, all in a safe environment. Not to mention, the biggest plus of all, we get to do it together.

What an amazing year this has been so far.........